Dating website kostenlos Halle

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dating website kostenlos Halle

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Dating website kostenlos Halle

She has many positive friends and family that surround her so it's nice to have that support.News that Berry is focusing on being a mother right now, while also maintaining a very transparent and honest relationship with them about what's been going on."She loves being a mother and watching her daughter and son grow up.It seems like the single life is treating Halle Berry well. News has learned that the actress, who recently split from husband Olivier Martinez, "is in a very peaceful and happy place at this time," according to a source, and although it's not hard to believe that men are probably flocking to the gorgeous celeb, we're told that while Berry is dating "here and there," she "is just taking a step back from being in another serious relationship for a while."The insider tells us, "She hasn't gotten into another relationship since her breakup but she has been talking to a few people very lightly and going out when she has time. She has a positive outlook on life."Speaking of her children, Nahla and Maceo, the source tells E! So for now work and her children are what's on her mind and maybe a date here and there.Her son is to young to understand now."Although things with Martinez didn't work out, the insider tells us that there is no bad blood between Halle and her exes, and that the actress is hopeful she will find love again with the right person."It's unfortunate that her past two relationships didn't work out but she believes one day she will be back in a relationship with the right man," the source says.

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