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A happy relationship can only develop further through the successful management of overcoming the crises!

Therapy for couples offers the perfect setting to increase the quality of our clients relationships and to draw valuable lessons for personal development.The Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ), one of Germany's most respected liberal publications, apologized on Sunday for publishing a picture of a black arm reaching up between a pair of white female legs in its weekend edition.The image was illustrating an article in which a psychologist claimed that for young Muslim men, every meeting with a woman is a highly sexualized encounter.These needs can be quite different in nature, such as emotional (one is asking for more intimacy, the other one needs more distance) or sexual (one partner or both are not sexually satisfied).It is important to understand that each person goes through different stages in life eg.

Sex dating de Köln

The specialised therapists and consultants from our practice Odendahl & Associates aim to deliver professional help to all our clients who can be either couples, parents (together or separated) or individuals seeking support.The central focus of our work is to achieve beneficial and insightful results for our clients Sometimes clients discover their future as a couple is not right for them, however our relationship counseling opens up new doors allowing them to have a new perspective on life and the future counseling – Incorrect!The involvement of a person in a happy couple’s relationship has a significant impact on our overall well-being and health.In addition, the support that we experience through a stable partnership has a great impact on our ability to cope with crises such as a job loss or dealing with any misfortunes in life.Or we may wonder whether this relationship really is the perfect setting for our personal development and this is where we want to be right now.

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Or even that our emotional and sexual blockages may develop so maybe we do not know how to deal with them.

“We regret the fact that these illustrations could have hurt the feelings of our readers and apologize for that,” Krach wrote.

Conservative magazine Focus also came in for considerable criticism for its decision to run a picture of a naked white woman with black hand marks all over her body, as its front cover.

Satisfactory sexuality is an integral part of every couple’s relationship.

Even if only one or none addresses the problem, both partners will be affected.

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