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Ulm Pishkun State Park exists to protect and interpret a place where, for hundreds of years, Plains Indians gathered herds of bison and then stampeded the animals off what is commonly called a buffalo jump.

Those field laboratories uncovered significant cultural deposits, which led to a better understanding of how Indians used the site to obtain bison for food, clothing, and shelter.You look up from the base of the pishkun to see the buffalo caller pause at the cliff’s edge before leaping off—to a shelf just a few feet below, where he tucks himself under a sandstone ledge. online partnerbörse Saarbrücken Behind him the lead animals have seen the edge and try to turn, but the momentum of hundreds in the stampeding herd, blinded by the sun ahead, carries them forward, over the edge, plunging in a frenzy of hooves, horns, dust, and fur onto the rocks 50 feet below.But most days Ulm Pishkun is buzzing with school groups, tourists, and special events such as the annual Native American Cultural Fair.Though Ulm Pishkun State Park celebrates a historic site of death, it is today a place very much alive.

Singletrail ulm

The trails close seasonally for spring thaw around late March through mid June but some trails may remain closed due to ongoing trail maintenance so be sure to check with the Cle Elum Ranger District for current conditions. Most campsites are available on a first come, first serve basis except for Sawmill Flat Campground and Little Naches Campground.Reservations can be made online at by calling (877) 444-6777.The facility also houses a state-of-the-art classroom as well as a gift shop selling Native American crafts, wildlife books, and tribal music CDs. Singletrail ulm-17Singletrail ulm-31Singletrail ulm-45 Occasionally, such as during winter weekdays, a single visitor can be alone at the center and the park.There, you and the others rush forward with your spears and bows to finish the hunt.

As those of this region have done for thousands of years, you have come to this sacred site to ask the buffalo to give up their lives so that you and your people might continue on with yours….

Some beginner friendly motorcycle trails can be found at Taneum Junction and Icewater Creek Campgrounds. From: Seattle, WA For Taneum Junction Campground 1) Take I-90 east to exit 78 2) Turn right (south) off the exit ramp onto Golf Course Road, continue .9 miles 3) Turn left (south) onto Westside Road, continue 5 miles 4) Turn right (south) onto NF-3350, continue 6.5 miles 5) Turn right onto NF-119, continue about 4 miles 6) Campground entrance is on the right (south).

Manastach Campground has a novice friendly ATV loop. For Icewater Campground: 7) Continue east past Taneum Junction Campground entrance for about 1 mile 8) Campground entrance is on the right (south).

September–October 2003 The gravel trail that leaves the Ulm Pishkun State Park visitor center disappears into a wind-blown prairie.

Even though it’s early autumn, meadowlarks still sing, while grasshoppers flit among the tan- and dun-colored grasses.

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